Caledonia's Druidry

Druidry Course

This written Druid Course is a beautiful way to get a lot of information, knowledge and understanding, even at home.

In 2013 I started writing this course. I wanted something that both the beginner and an advanced Druid could enjoy. A course that is accessible to everyone and affordable for everyone. From all the experience and knowledge I have acquired over the years, I have created a clear and concise course. The course includes for both beginners and advanced users, a lot of information about Druidism, combined with exercises. Both homework and questions can be sent via email. This makes it possible to really grow. Throughout the course, you will get personal feedback and support.

The course consists of 12 parts. Each section contains information, exercises and at the end, a homework stencil. Some sections contain more information and other parts more exercises. This all depends on the subject. It's not compulsory to do your homework to send and to do the exercises, but Druidry is not something you learn by just reading. It's something you have to experience. That's the big advantage of this course. You not only read, but you will also get to work. You send your experiences with the exercises and homework by email. If you have questions about the material or you want some extra support, you can also always send an email. This gives you personal guidance that suits you. You will always receive feedback within five working days.

When you have sent all the homework and everything is satisfactory, you will receive a certificate of completion as proof of participation.
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